Count Mathias Adolphus of Stirland

Count Mathias is from a landless minor noble family, and is known for his conciliatory attitude, flexible disposition, and for generally making himself useful. Few know him well, but many owe him favors. Though he would not say as much.


Current Career: Pistolier
Previously Completed Careers: Courtier

Specialties: Lipreading, Resist Deception, Diplomacy, Secuction


Where are you from?
- Stirland. When asked for specifics, Lord Adolphus often quips, “Wait, there are towns in Stirland!”

What is your family like?
- The Adolphus name has held much prestige in Stirland for several notable military victories and affable relations with neighboring regions. His father and mother are long since dead (though in Stirland it is preferable to say, “they have ended”) and so the family consists of his two brothers Trelhelm and Yurich who both serve the Grand Count of Stirland and manage the military and property of his house without land. They are protective, classical in best ways, and overly straight-forward when it comes to most matters military and otherwise. His sister, is another matter entirely.

How religious are you?
- Few have discussed the subject with the Count, but circles describe his religious leanings as “unquestioned” and “devoted.” On one such occasion, when asked flat out which of the gods he “preferred” he responded, “Prefer? And we wonder why we have problems in this country. The gods are not preferred over another like favorite whores. Their multiple nature is exactly as it should be and should be honored as such.”

Who are your friends and enemies?
- The Count is known to have many social relations though few stand out next to his childhood friend, The Grand Count and Prince of Stirland, Alberich Haupt Andersson. While many seem to like the Count, some in Stirland and abroad are hesitant to confide in him as he is in charge of the Dusk Guard – in charge of protecting foreign nobles and their affairs discreetly whilst in Stirland.
- As for enemies, he knows of none specifically. Though he is told by the Dusk Guard that his position in Stirland and proximity to the Grand Count has procured the ire of some.

What are your prized possessions?
- While he values fine tools and arms, the lesson of his landless upbringing has made the Count cautious of the material.

Who are you loyal to?
- On this account many who knew the Count during his studies recall him speaking often on the subject, saying once, “I am loyal to the gods, to the emperor, to family, and to friends. As for the order of that particular hierarchy, well, you might as well ask which is more important, breathing in or out.”

What are your personal goals?
- The Count has been never been seen as power hungry, though he is often trusted over others in the Grand Count’s service to handle “delicate” matters. The Grand Count once said of the count that he was not good at politics so much as did not see any distinction between politics and life. He was specifically heard saying of the Count while laughing, “Gods help us all if he ever has personal goals.”

Count Mathias Adolphus of Stirland

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