Dietrich Hesse

An agent of House Vogel and diplomat for House Aschaffenberg


Born in Altdorf and raised by one Wolfgang Hesse, a moderately successful apothecary from that same city; Dietrich split his youth between sweeping floors and trimming plants (and picking up a little knowledge about herbology), and hanging out with ne’er do wells in the alleys and streets around his father’s shop.

Upon Wolfgang’s death, Dietrich (now a man of 19 with many years working as an apothecary under his belt) was homeless once again, as the old man, who had left everything to Dietrich, had been in great debt and actually had nothing to give. Dietrich found himself wandering around the city, picking pockets in the market at midday, picking locks to shops in the middle of the night, and in and out of taverns in between, talking his way into meals and drink from bibacious customers. One evening, he encountered a charismatic middle aged man (Gustav Vogel) who found the young man’s audacity quite charming and offered him employment so he could quit his life as a beggar and thief. The job Hans offered Dietrich is essentially the job he still holds, an agent for House Vogel.

Over the years Dietrich has sort of “moved up” in the ranks of his adopted noble family, as Gustav Vogel quickly realized that he was much more capable and focused than his own deviant son (Hans Vogel). He has been taught a number of the gentlemanly arts including: ingratiation, seduction, and fencing. Dietrich was provided living quarters on the other side of Altdorf from the Vogel mansion and although he is well liked by the family, his connection to them is kept a secret in order to allow Dietrich to better carry out his duties without being recognized.

Although Dietrich will always think of Wolfgang Hesse as his father, he no doubt also feels a great affection for Hans and and a brotherly love for Gustav. Most of his contact with the family is through Gustav and Willifrid, the strange manservant, both of whom may at times summon him to the mansion, give him orders, or take him out to a tavern for the evening.

For the past year and a half, Dietrich has called the town of Ubersreik home and has been ordered by House Vogel to do everything in his power to ensure that Lord Rickard Ashaffenberg rises to prominence and is declared Leige Lord of the small freistadt if the Emperor decides that such a role is needed.

Dietrich Hesse

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