Loki Wahrsager


Loki is 5 feet 11 inches tall, with a slight thin build, weighing about 165 lbs. His hair is light brown, eyes gray. He tries to stay clean shaven as much as possible and keeps his hair really short to avoid pests. Unlike most of his order, he rarely wears any robes more elaborate than the simple blue hooded cloak given to him as an apprentice.


Loki was just a small child when he left the village of his birth, so his memories of the whole matter are not reliable. All he knows about it is what his master has told him; his parents were very poor and already had many many children, which they had trouble providing for. When Loki was old enough to speak, some of his first words were words of prophetic (if not mundane) significance (i.e. “someone’s at the door” right before a knock was heard)…so when his future master (a Wizard of the Celestial College of Altdorf)and a troupe of adventurers wandered into his small village and offered to take in the child under their wing, his parents had no trouble letting the young whelp go. His adolescence was spent cloistered with a small group of similar children in the Celestial College buildings of Altdorf learning at first how to read and write
before being introduced to more esoteric and fantastical teachings.

Loki Wahrsager

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