Roland von Bauer

A Road Warden of the Reikland


A Road Warden of the Reikland, Roland is the son of a wealthy merchant family from Ubersreik but was raised by his uncle and aunt (Burghers from Altdorf) after his parents death at the hand of bandits (though the jury is still out on who hired the well equipped bandits) when he was just a wee lad of fourteen years.

At the age of 18, Roland defied his uncles wishes of taking over the family business and left home to join a Road Warden troupe in the region (funded by the Von Holzenhauers) where he was given the dangerous job of patrolling the nearby Hagercrybs Hills. It was here that Roland’s then partner (a younger man named Thomas) was killed during a night raid by what appeared to be mutants or beastmen, though the attack was so swift and brutal that Roland could never be certain. Soon thereafter, Roland was transferred to a nearby toll road waypoint, where he apprenticed under one Martin Boseblick, a veteran Imperial soldier and warden of some 20 years.

Roland was in his early 20’s when he received the letter from his Aunt (whom he loves dearly), beseeching the warden to come to the aid of their old family friend and minor noble, Lord Rickard Ashaffenberg, who was in need of an outsiders assistance regarding mysterious matters at his newly acquired abode, Grunwald Lodge.

Roland von Bauer

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