Rolf Messer

A grouchy yet talented doktor living in Ubersreik


Rolf was born in the northern part of the Reikwald forest in a small hamlet known as Preistlichheim. His father had moved there with he and his brothers (of which he had six) after his mother had died giving birth to their youngest son. Rolf’s father was a surgeon by trade and found work in the small town, cutting hair and lancing boils for the locals.

When Rolf was old enough, and for reasons that were his own, he decided to leave home and find work for himself as a barber-surgeon. Some time spent in Altdorf (the capital of The Empire and one of the largest cities in the Reikland) provided no chance for plying his skills since the city was already filled to capacity with surgeons and doctors of all sorts that had established practices going back many years. And so it came that Rolf moved further south, finally settling in the smaller city of Stromdorf, a rainy and depressing metropolis that nonetheless had not seen a “doctor of the people” set up shop in many years. That was nearly twelve years ago.

Where are you from?
- Preistlichheim/Stromdorf

What is your family like?
- Poor farmers who wanted their children to have more opportunities than they had. Rolf’s father died when he was young but his sister probably resides somewhere near Hargendorf. He lost track of her over the years.

How religious are you?
- Rolf is not very religious at all. He believes in practical things he can see with his eyes and not “superstition”. Maybe if he were near the brink of death, he might be heard muttering something about Bögenauer, but that would be a very rare sight as he might be thinking more about how to save himself than what to do after death.

Who are your friends and enemies?
- Rolf has a few friends in the nearby inn, though they’re workers mostly and he forgets their names most days. A nearby neighbor named Angelika Hüser seems to care about his well-being, but he doesn’t see her too often as he is mostly a homebody.
- If Rolf’s had any enemies, he’s long forgotten about them.

What are your prized possessions?
- His tools of course, which he esteems highly though most are dull or broken by now.
- Since the first raid, he carries a picture torn from a book that holds some significance to him. (Not sure why yet)
- The clothes on his back. He’s very practical.

Who are you loyal to?
- Rolf is loyal to money or anything that helps him pay his upkeep and “stay out of everyone else’s miserable affairs…the riffraff, pilferers and scoundrels all of them.”

Who do you love/hate?
- Woltrout is a bit of both as he annoys Rolf, but he sub-consciously appreciates his company.
- Joana Rudlof. If he saw her now, she’d brand new wrinkles on his face from shock and fleeted smiling he could not avoid. He thinks so anyway. It’s been so long since he’s seen her.

What motivates you?
- Survival. Surgery is all he knows and anything that leads him to a quick retirement so he could be a peaceful shut-in once again is all that he aspires to attain.

What are your short term goals?
- Rolf wants to pay his bills, and he’s joined the group again after Dietrich offered to pay him for his services.
- Besides that, after their last excursion, he would hate to admit it… but he misses the thrill of it all.

What are your long term goals?
- Rolf went back to studying to be a physician because he doesn’t wish to live a poor old man in a shabby old home. He hopes his business strives and somehow gains popularity so he could acquire the higher-paying clientele.

Rolf Messer

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