Vern Hendrick

Personal servant and valet to Lord Rikard Aschaffenberg.


A prim and proper middle aged man with slicked back grey hair and neatly trimmed goatee, Vern Hendrick was born a brass tier citizen, but carries himself better than some nobles. He dresses in the garb of his station; smooth crisp tunic emblazoned with the Ashaffenberg house crest over a white shirt with slashed sleeves and a high collar. He usually sports a pair of clean white gloves when working indoors and normally wears a pair of simple leather shoes, but since relocating to Grunwald Lodge he’s taken to wearing black suede gloves and tall black boots to protect his leggings from the mud no less.


Has served the Aschaffenberg family for the past several decades, beginning his employment with Lord Rikard’s father. Hendrick has recently been put in charge of the reconstruction of Grunwald Lodge, and it’s expansion into a large coaching house and toll station.

Vern Hendrick

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