House von Bruner

History of House von Bruner

Until recent years the von Bruner name has carried with it a certain degree of respect and good fortune for as far back as most living Reiklanders can recall. An older family who’s holdings included a now abandoned castle on the western slopes of the Grey Mountains nearest Athel Loren and Brettonia and a profitable shipping fleet of river boats whose business has been in decline since the southern push of *Marienburg’s own river merchants, the von Bruner’s prestige has been tarnished of late.

Their close relationship with House von Jungfreud has also been in decline since that family’s loss of title of liege lords of Ubersreik due to their handling of the southern silver mines tax incident some years ago.

Most recently, the von Bruner’s have been connected with a thwarted Chaos cult at their secluded Grunwald Lodge, and an incidence of extreme prejudice by a family member against the Cult of Shallya in the town of Hugeldal.

Most heinously, Lord Heissman von Bruner’s eldest son Andreas, who has been missing for the past couple of years, has been accused in certain circles of actually being the leading catalyst behind the Chaos cult activity at Grunwald Lodge. In almost all of the cases above, the family has never had any official charges of heresy or conspiracy leveled against them; but all the same the nobles of the Reikland speak ill of the von Bruner name, as if some sort of curse has been slowly eating away at their legacy.

Important Members of House von Bruner

Heinrich von Bruner, Baron of Graustadt, Magistrate of Ubersreik
Lord Heissman von Bruner
Lady Ludmilla Ashaffenberg
Andreas von Bruner
Lady Agnetha von Jungfreud
Leopold von Bruner

House von Bruner

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